I have presented my narrative using puppet pals HD

I worked with Fletcher Varney

My narrative showed empathy by giving money,hot dogs to people

The thing I enjoyed most about this learning was taking photos

Something I learnt about Myths and Legends was I learned that the waka from the story of Maui became the South Island


IHBL: a hip routine
         a cha cha routine
         to combine different movements in to a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
         to combine different cha cha moves into a dance routine to _____________ by _______
So What?

        I really enjoyed ....
        My favourite movement / dance was …
        I found … the most challenging.
        What I enjoyed most about Dean’s teaching was …
        I feel quite confident / confident / very confident with the dance routines we learned
        I was able pick up the different dance routines easily / quickly
        I found remembering the correct sequence for the dance routines difficult / challenging / easy / needed much practice
         (write about the performance on Friday evening)

Now what?

        I would like to do further dance lessons

        I would like to learn (type of dance)

Jack's Post on Friday, 3 June 2016

Easy Blog Photo
ANZAC Writing Walt- Write an ANZAC Narrative I learned the WW1 started in 1914 and it ended in in 1918 I achieved my goal because I completed my writing. Next time I will use more information.